Calendar of Town and Minor Festivals in la Cerdanya:

In this space, you can look up the calendar of town celebrations, festivals, and other important celebrations that take place in La Cerdanya, those festivities with no fixed date are on the calendar with approximate dates.


May 7 Víllec (Montellà – Martinet)
Batanist festival
May 14-15Bolvir –Town Festival
May 15 Sant Isidre Guils –Town Festival
May 20-21 Saga (Ger) –Town Festival
May 27-28Prullans –Town Festival
Músser –Town Festival
Ordèn (Bellver) –Town Festival


June 3 i 4Créixer (Ger) –Town Festival
June 5 AGE (Puigcerdà) –Town Festival
June 7 Talltorta (Bolvir) –Town Festival
June 9-13 Sant Antoni Bellver de Cerdanya –Town Festival
June 17-18 Llívia –Feast of Sant Guillem
June 18 Meranges –Town Festival
June 23Celebration of Sant Joan
June 24-25 Riu de Cerdanya –Town Festival
June 25 Olopte (Isòvol) –Town Festival
June 28 Llívia –Feast of Sant Pere
June 29 Isòvol –Town Festival
June 29-30 Alp –Town Feast of Sant Pere
June 30-2 de july Lles –Town Festival


July 3Ventajola –Feast of Sant Tomàs
July 7-9Martinet (Montellà – Martinet) Town Festival
July 15-16Arànser -Town Festival
July 14-17 ?? Puigcerdà –Festival of Roser
July 22Montellà –Feast of Santa Magdalena
July 22-23Travesseres (Lles) –Town Festival
July 29-30Bellver –Patron Feast of Sant Jaume


Aug. 5-6La Molina (Alp) Town Festival for Mare de Déu de les neus
Aug. 10-11DAS Town Feast of Sant Llorenç
Aug. 11-13Béixec –Town Feast of Sant Iscle
Aug. 12Queixans –Summer Festival, encounter
Aug. 12-15All (Isòvol) –Town Festival
Aug. 15 La Mare de Déu of August Alp –Summer festival
Riu de Santa Maria (Bellver) –Festival
Aug. 16Bellver –Feast of Sant Roc

Aug. 19-20 Urús –Town Festival
Puigcerdà –Festival of the season

Aug. 24-27Montellà –Town Festival
Aug. 26-27El vilar d’Urtx –Town Festival
Urtx –Town Festival


Sept. 1-2Estana –Town Festival
Sept. 1-4Ger –Town Festival
Sept. 3-4Vilallobent (Puigcerdà) –Town Festival
Sept. 8 Mare de Déus TrobadesPuigcerdà – Mare de Déu de la Sagristia
Sept. 9-10Bor (Bellver) - Town Festival
Sept. 10Aplec Quadres
Puigcerdà – Mare de Déu de la Sagristia
Sept. 10Paintings festival
Puigcerdà –Celebration of Bell-lloc and popular rice festival
Sept. 17Sanavastre –Town Festival
Baltarga (Bellver) –Town Festival
Cortàs (Bellver) –Town Festival
Sept. 23-24Queixans –Town Festival
Pi (Bellver) –Town Festival
Sept. 26Queixans – Sant Cosme i Sant Damià
Sept. 29 Sant MiquelSoriguerola (Fontanals) –Town Festival
Isòvol – Sant Miquel
Sept. 29-Oct. 1 Prats (Prats i Sansor) –Town Festival
Isòvol –Town Festival


Oct. 1 Talltendre (Bellver) –Town Festival

Oct. 15 Sant Eugènia de Nerella, Olià i Nas (Bellver) –Town Festival

Oct. 22Coborriu de Bellver –Town Festival

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